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Qingdao ningyue precision machinery co., ltd.(Original qingdao ningyue model has a limited company),Career20For the rest of the year,Focus on the research and development and production of composite material products for molding molds,Among themRTM、SMC Molten pressure、PrepregPCMMolten pressure、 LFT-DMolten pressure、 GMCMolten pressure、Wet module pressure、Hot pressing tank craft mold, etc.。The product serves major domestic heavy cards、New energy vehicles、Oems such as high -speed rail。

The company strictly enforces the european mold pressure mold standard,Twenty years,Constantly optimize design、Improve details,Meet the accuracy of molds that are continuously improved by customers、Beautiful、Automation、Safety、High efficiency and humanization requirements。For the pain points raised by customers,In -depth exploration of continuous improvement,Pay close attention to new materials、New processes and other emergence of continuously propose targeted solutions for mold differentiation requirements。

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Qingdao ningyue precision machinery co., ltd.

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Qingdao ningyue precision machinery co., ltd.

Qingdao ningyue precision machinery co., ltd.

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